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Surrounded by the Pacific Coast which has been designed for those who search for unique ways of enjoying Life, a captivating location bathed by the warm rays of the sun and known by its remarkable desert which is surrounded by the sea in Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.


Located over approximately 1850 acres with 3 miles of pristine beaches, it is a calm picture that offers everything: fabulous morning strolls to the beach, nature walks, whale spotting, all the while surrounded by a breathtaking environment and views. Enjoy the beautiful gourmet market with irresistible coffee aromas, pastries, delicious gourmet choices from Mexican “tacos al pastor”, Italian dishes, fresh salads, hamburgers, snacks and desserts among other options that will overwhelm your palate. Cherish remarkable dinners with your loved ones at a prizewinning steakhouse, located along the Pacific Ocean coastline.


Complement every moment of life with unforgettable mornings, breathtaking sunsets and diverse outdoor activities that will fill your soul.

Services and amenities provided are at the exclusive discretion of the rules and regulations of Pueblo Bonito.

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